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Mouse in a Trap Toddler Halloween Costume

This year i had to figure out a way for my 15 month old son to safely trick or treat since he doesn’t hold still much anymore.  As soon as his feet touch the floor he’s gone. lol He doesnt care much for his stroller but for some reason he LOVES his wagon. So with a little research we figured this would be perfect.  This costume was so much fun to make and really relativley easy.  Of course I had to get a little help from my mother on the base of the mouse trap, as I am not handy with wood let alone trust my self with power tools. lol

The base of the mouse trap just sits over top the wagons sides and has little notches underneath so it wouldn’t slide off.  The painting was pretty easy.  We did have a hard time trying to figure out what we could use for the actual trap part, so my mother and I spent a Saturday afternoon at Lowes trying to find the right materials.  We ended up using metal pipe that we then bent in shape and a piece of plastic spring covering. Then we attached that to the base with 2 exhaust clamps.  For the cheese I used some left of Styrofoam. I glued 4 pieces together then cut into a cheese slice. Then painted. Which almost was a disaster since the spray paint clear out I used was eating the Styrofoam. Thank goodness it didn’t do to much damage just had to do a little touch up work.

For the mouse ears I just made my own and attached them to the gray hoodie. For the mouse body I used a gray pillow case and pillow then sewed into the shape of a mouse behind. For the tail i used a pair of grey stockings stuff with tissue paper.  I was so excited to take my lil man trick or treating this year. I love doing special things for him and seeing his expression.  He was sooo excited when we first put him in the wagon. We go trick or treating around the streets of our local school. Absolutely every house we stopped at LOVED his costume. Other families trick or treating commenting on how cute it was. A few people even took pictures.

After we finished trick or treating the school puts on a little Halloween party where they serve doughnuts and cidar, has games for kids and a costume contest.  We entered our lil mouse and he won!! They even took his picture to put in our local newspaper :) All and all this costume was a total hit and mouse approved :) Its was lots of fun making this costume and cant wait for next years. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Mouse in a Trap Toddler Halloween Costume

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