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Coolest Homemade Mouse Trap Toddler Costume

Well I got really tired of the “store bought” costumes my daughter’s mother would buy so this year was going to be different! While I was sitting in my garage pondering what to make my daughter Riley this year I looked down and saw a mouse trap. I didn’t pay too much mind to it until I was looking around my garage and saw some scrap wood and some old springs from a motorcycle I no longer had. Then it hit me a “homemade Mouse Trap toddler costume”.

The mouse trap it self is built like a corn hole board and sits on top of a wagon. It has a hole in the top where my daughter sits and is braced not to slide around (I don’t want her to get hurt). The top is painted to look like a very popular brand of mouse trap but is changed slightly.

The springs are welded together and then welded to a piece of metal I bent and welded for support. The trap bar and U bolts are painted copper like a real trap would be and the U bolts keep the springs from moving. The back or mouses rear end is fleece and stuffed with fiber fill (I think this was the hardest part because I have no experience with a sewing machine or tried to do this before, I failed multiple times).

The rear end of the mouse is stapled through the hole to fasten under the trap so it hangs off the back and makes a pillow for her to rest her back on. She also has on a hooded sweat shirt that I sewed ears and a belly, both are made from felt because its a little stiffer than fleece. And her whiskers are eye liner. The final piece was the cheese, it’s made from foam and holes were cut into it and painted yellow. I hope you enjoy this homemade Mouse Trap toddler costume as much as she and I did.

Homemade Mouse Trap Toddler Costume

Homemade Mouse Trap Toddler Costume

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  1. This message is for Jeff M. from Cridersville, OH, about his homemade mousetrap costume. Did you make a frame out of the wood (side pieces) to fit over the wagon and then nail luan wood on top? I am trying to make one of these mousetrap costumes for my dog (I enter her in doggie costume contests every Halloween). I have a metal Radio Flyer wagon, which is only about 4 – 4-1/2″ deep – not as deep as the child’s wagon you have your daughter in. Also, how did you secure the mousetrap to your wagon to keep it from moving around? Thanks very much for answers to all my questions and any other detailed info you can give me about making one of these.
    I hope you see this message and hope to hear from you soon as I am in the process of making the costume now.
    Thank you very much. This was a great idea for a costume! –Joanne


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