This is Adalyn (9 months and 2 weeks old), she was a mouse that was caught in a mouse trap (made out of Birch wood with trim and painted details, sponge with holes cut out -for the cheese…to catch the mouse of course, painted PVC pipe with irrigation tubing for the coil and all of this was rested on a wagon for the comfort of our little mouse). Adalyn got her outfit online and mommy attached a piece of fake cheese to her pacifier.

Patrick, dad, was a Pest Control Agent and Shannon, mom, was a cat.  It took a lot of hard work but it seemed to be a hit!! People kept coming up to us saying “ That is SO original!”, “Best costume I’ve seen all night!” and “ How did you do that…that is so cool!” We took one of her pictures in a fake graveyard which I thought turned out so good! We would love to be considered for your original Halloween costume contest!! We hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else! Thank You!