I found some ideas online for a Halloween costume for my son that was made from plywood turning a regular radio flyer wagon into a mouse trap just big enough for my 10 month old mouse. I work at Lowe’s so one day after work I went and picked up some plywood, PVC pipe, spray paint, pipe covers, and a flexible dryer duct.  I came home and put it all together and TA DA I had myself a genuine mousetrap made right on top of his wagon.

He loved getting into it. We took our children to the Louisville Zoo a few weeks before Halloween and everyone just loved the costume. I submitted it to our local news channel’s Facebook costume contest and he was chosen to go on live TV to show it off.

My husband is at Fort Leonarwood training for the Kentucky National Guard but I was so happy to have something for him to show his fellow soldiers. My husband was very proud of our little man and his very crafty wife.