Coolest Homemade Mouse in a Mouse Trap Kids Halloween Costume

For this homemade mouse in a mouse-trap kids Halloween costume, I dressed him in a white sweat suit, adding felt to the hood for little ears. I drew whiskers on his cheeks and X’s on his eyes to make him a dead mouse!

Now for the trap – I got some of that insulation board and wrapped it in that brown paper used to put down hard wood floors or what people use when eating crabs.

For the metal bar of the trap, I took 1-inch PVC pipe with elbows and created a square. I wrapped the middle of the square with rope to make the spring. We made the little metal piece that ‘sets’ the trap with a piece of high gauge electrical wire. We painted all those in silver to make them look metal.

I used the dye-cutting machine at school to cut out the letters in red construction paper and glued them on the board. I drew a large stencil of the V for Victor and spray painted that in.

I cut the back pack straps off of an old backpack and hot glued it to the backboard so he could wear it. I covered the straps in white material so it wouldn’t be obvious.

He won the costume contest at school…

Homemade Mouse in a Mouse Trap Kids Halloween Costume