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Coolest Mouse Trap Costume

Halloween has always been a huge deal with my family; I have never bought a costume! I have been everything from Cruella De Vil to a dead prom queen. My parents have been everything from Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein to Dr. Jackal, Mr. Hyde. We absolutely love Halloween at my house, we used to turn our garage into a haunted house with our homemade witch’s potion that let off green smoke, tombstones that we made with different clever sayings on them, strobe lights, and spider webs with giant spiders crawling throughout. My mom was also my grade school room mom, which meant she came up for the all the classroom holiday parties. All the kids and other parents would always get so excited to see my mom’s costume and spooky Halloween treats she would make the class! My family has always gone above and beyond with costumes and Halloween celebrations and I can’t wait to continue the traditions one day with my own kids!

As for the mouse trap costume, I came up with the idea due to the lovely little critters we had all over our garage that fall. My dad knows I can’t stand mice, so he would always joke and tell me to go check the traps to see if we caught them yet, and that’s how I came up with the idea that I could be a mouse trap as a costume! For the mouse trap costume, I used a cardboard box as the base for the trap then added black tape around the edge. I sewed out of an old gray sweatshirt the body of the mouse and stuffed it with cotton. I used black felt for the feet and black pipe cleaners for the hands. I used a thick wire and coiled it around a Pringles can for the spring of the trap and then cut extra wire and bent it to make the trap. I wore a gray hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants and painted a pink nose and black whiskers on my face so my face was the mouse. I also sewed mouse ears out of leftover material and added the inside of the ears with pink felt to wear on top of my hood.

This costume was a lot simpler to make then it seems really, for the mouse body I just hand stitched a few stitches here and there and used the cotton stuffing and the way I hot glued it to the box to help shape it the way I wanted. As for the coiled spring I punched two little holes on each side of the trap where the coil was and put a piece of string through the top hole on each side and over the coil spring on the other side then back through the bottom hole and tied the two ends of the string in the back to connect the spring to the box.

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