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Mother and Daughter Raggedy Ann and Andy Costumes

I like to decorate,  create and recycle vintage and thrift store finds. I am 71 years old (Raggedy Ann) my daughter is 45 years old (Raggedy Andy) and we love dressing up for halloween and going trick or treating with my 10 year old granddaughter.

My husband passed away several years ago and my family that is left means everything to me. Making costumes with my daughter and granddaughter involved makes for good family bonding and good clean fun for my granddaughter.  When you make your own costumes it creates a lot of anticipation and sleepless nights for the little ones and the big ones waiting for that special night to dress up and go to parties and see other people in their costumes as well. I don’t think you ever get too old to be a kid and have some fun;  keeps us young in age and young at heart.

I remember as a child making our own costumes from what we had at home. No costumes came from a store. the only limits we had was what our imagination could visualise..  Everyone that saw us at parties  was amazed at how realistic our costumes were this year.  I even made some new facebook friends that started with a conversation about  our Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes this year (2014). I love to sew…so… The wigs are made from the top portion of old  straw hats with the brim cut away with upholstery trim hot glued in place. Raggedy Anne’s apron is a thrift store shower curtain, ruffled skirt is a thrift store bed dust ruffle, crinolin came from old wedding dress and pantaloons were made from curtain panel.

Andy’s clothes were all thrift store finds, embellished with trim, buttons, made pant straps and a new bow tie..  Make up– lip stick and eye liner.. I am already thinking about next year (2015) maybe Dorothy and the scarecrow….

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