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Coolest Raggedy Ann and Andy Couple Costume

Have you ever dreamed of marrying your best friend? Well, I did and he is fabulous. Each year he subjects himself to these ridiculous creations that I imaginatively concoct for couples.

We have a friend from church that always throws these fabulous Halloween parties and it has become quite a tradition. Most recently it has evolved into a bit of a personal competition, no prizes involved just a lot of time and money to create it.

Each year they seem to push to beat my design and push me to the limit. Last year we did it. I created a Raggedy Ann and Andy ~ that was completely hand sewn. I created the rest of costume with hot glue constructed mask and hand sewn accessories. I made the faces from felt and a white plastic face from a local craft store. I added sheer fabric over the eyes so he could see well. Handmade bow was the most difficult part next to locating a man size zipper. The hats were no easier task to keep them attached to the hair that was handmade from red yarn required stitching.

When we first arrived at the party both of us were wearing the masks and no one could tell who we were. It took me removing my mask for them to figure out who we were.

Overall it was a fun project to make and we gained many laughs and smiles. Children loved us and we are often begged to wear it to children’s events at church.

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