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Coolest Raggedy Ann and Andy Costume

My best friend and I decided to go as Raggedy Ann and Andy costume. The costumes were really easy.

I got most of everything we are wearing at thrift shops. For Raggedy dolls, I took plaid material and sewed the shirt for them both very basic and simple. The striped stockings are white tights with red tape around them all the way up. My dad had the red tape it was almost like electrical tape (real glossy).

The white Apron on Raggedy Ann is a curtain with red ruffles at the top that I just added straps to and hot glued to the shirt in the back. We have on black baby doll shoes and Andy has on home made kids pants with suspenders that we found at the thrift store, we also found the bloomers that Ann wore at a thrift store.

We did buy our wigs at a costume store so they would look real. We pulled up a picture of Raggedy Ann and Andy on the internet and used Halloween makeup to do our faces. Well I (Raggedy Ann) have always dreamed of being a make up artist in special effects so I love to make faces up and I did the make up for both. Which was fairly simple red round cheeks and red lips and a red nose, there are some brown stitches on there but you can not see them in the picture. Andy’s lips are smaller than Anns.

We had a lot of fun that night and a lot of our friends did not know that Andy was who she was and a girl!

 Raggedy Ann and Andy Costume

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Raggedy Ann and Andy Costume”

  1. Awsome Costumes. Great thrift shopping to make the costumes. Seems easy enough. Cool idea. I will have to try that sometime. Very good Job.

  2. WOW! I am impressed with the ideas that you came up with for these costumes and how much you actually look like Ragedy Ann and Andy. Way to go, I would love to see and hear of some of your other ideas for Halloween. Great Job!


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