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Adorable Raggedy Ann Baby Costume

When my husband and I first started trying to come up with ideas for our daughter’s first Halloween, we could not agree on anything together. Not one of the pre packaged costumes seemed to catch our eye. I found an old dress of mine with an apron and thought Raggedy Ann would be very cute. Our daughter is still young and has that baby doll face, so the Raggedy Ann idea fit perfectly.

I found a cute wig made from a beanie red yarn with sequins. We had to practice wearing it several times so she could get used to something being on her head. She was able to pull on it, but luckily couldn’t pull any of the strands out. The dress and apron were from when I was little; I just added some red ribbon to replace the pink so that it would all blend together well. The leggings were tough, since it was not quite Christmas yet, so red and white stripe tights were not easy to find. I tried to find all in one tights with fake shoes on the end, but I could not find them anywhere. After trying several different tight options and them all being too big, I settled on baby legs with socks that looked like shoes underneath. It was a little chilly, so it worked out perfectly.

Since she was too little for treat or treating, we decided to go to a friend’s Halloween party and her costume was a big hit. Since it was a later party, she was only in it for a short amount of time before we had to put her to bed, but everyone loved the pictures. We did take some pictures at home and they were passed around to friends and family on Halloween. Everyone loved how adorable she looked.

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