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Most Creative Holidays Costume for an All-Girl Group

This is a pretty easy and cheap costume to assemble. First you’ll need – Friends. Got some? Good! One step complete. Obviously this works better with a larger group, the more people there are the more holidays you can do. Each of you decide what holiday you would like to represent. We choose to do New Years, Valentines Day, St.Patricks Day, Easter, Mothers Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

If you have more people in your group – get creative! Each person creates and puts together a costume thats based on the holiday and what it represents. Out of the group, I choose to be a leprechan for St. Pattys day. Why? I’m short, I can drink, and have a great fake Irish accent. Another perk – I got to go around all night and pinch people, and who wouldnt love that right? What we tried to do was use things we already had, then buy a few necessariy costume items to make the look complete. For example, I had leggings, tights, a white shirt, and shoes. I bought a cheap vest, a green hat, and a little gold bucket to turn me into a leprechan!

After everyone has their look ready, you all meet up, line up accoriding to the hoidays date, and waa la you and your friends now have a cheap and easy holiday group costume. Happy Holidays!

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