I purchased 2 yards of Tiger material from the animal print section. Selected material that I could cut into and would not have to sew any edges or that edges would run. Also purchased 1 yard of elastic all at Joanne Fabrics at 50% off.

I already had black thread and needles at home. I designed my pattern idea on paper first if I liked what I see. Measured pieces over me for the final look. I started cutting in squares and triangles to avoid wasting material plus, I didn’t’ want to get to technical. The triangles on the boot are actually taped with wide clear tape.

I had researched tiger face painting on youtube.com.  from my purchase of face paint red, white, black, eyeliner. I ended using the eyeliner more than the black face paint. It was easier to draw. I didn’t have yellow paint so, I used yellow concealer. It took me a half hour to paint my face and a few minutes to tease my hair.