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Coolest Homemade Tiger Costume

This homemade tiger costume is almost entirely handmade.

For the ears and tail, I bought some thick bendable furry stuff (kind of like a really big pipe cleaner) at ACMoore and painted it with acrylic paints (orange and black tiger stripes) after bending the ears and tail how I wanted.

For the shirt, I had a black tube top that I covered entirely with bright orange duct tape in a tiger print fashion. I did the same with the knee braces (had bad knees at the time.. decided to make them aesthetically pleasing as well). The shorts are just black spandex, and the shoes are orange gladiators I found in my closet that were bought from Wet Seal. Really any orange or black shoes will do.

When the ears and tail were done, I put the ears on like a headband and twisted the wire like material in the back with a custom fit. I duct taped the tail to the back of the shirt on the bottom so you couldn’t even notice.

I Googled a zoomed in picture of a tiger’s face and painted my face using makeup products only (better to avoid break-outs, and easier to wash off!). I used eyeliner for the eyes, nose and stripes (had a marker-tipped black eyeliner that worked great!) and used bronze and silver eyeshadow for the coloring. I chose to keep it more like a mask around the eyes, but you can get creative and do a full face if you want. Makeup worked great for this one though because it is all neutral colors.

Oh and I painted my nails to match of course!

Homemade Tiger Costume

Homemade Tiger Costume

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