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Coolest Siberian Tiger Costume

Every year my grandmother and I work together to make a Halloween costume for me daughter. Two years ago she wanted to be a white tiger. Sewing is not my strong suit, so my grandmother got to work making the body of the costume using a fuzzy white material. She then drew the black tiger stripes on with a magic marker. She added black plastic ‘witch’ fingernails to the hands and feet as the claws.

I painted her face (which I was nervous about). I used blue paint in addition to black and white in order to add more depth. Even I was surprised at how great it turned out. My daughter added the stuffed white tiger…her cub, which she carried with her all night.

The Homemade Siberian Tiger Costume was a huge hit in the neighborhood! People stopped us in the street and called over their friends to see the Siberian tiger.

Homemade Siberian Tiger Costume

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