This was our babies first halloween and we had been looking at costumes and ideas since July.Halloween was such a big treat for me as a child and I couldnt wait for her to experience it. In fact we actually ended up with 3 costumes because I couldnt make up my mind. But one day my husband and I came across the most adorable homemade raggedy ann costume and when we couldnt find anything nearly as cute to buy, I ended up making and piecing this one together for her. The wig was the best part but her little outfit took a lot of creative thinking and searching as well. We got her all dressed up and took so many pictures but at this point her crazy mama had already had her in her costume or pieces of it at least 8 times. And the best part was that she just loved it! Never complained never even moaned or groaned. We hope you enjoy our little rag doll as much as we do!!