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Easy Homemade Rag-Doll Costume

My costume consists of many different elements I found myself and put together. My Halloween costume was originally made and designed by me for a performance about broken toys I did two years ago but I brought it back to life this year with a few changes.

The dress I found in an op shop and cut it it along the edges. I sewed my own patches on it using spare pieces of material.
The petticoat underneath was a new addition which was brought from a store for $10 and was actually a ‘mad hatters’ tutu.

The top and leggings are mine and I was lucky enough to already have those as everyday wear, for my performance two years ago I wore stripey socks on my hands and feet which can work well if you don’t want real hands. (More like a real rag-doll)

I made my hair purple using purple liquid hair chalk which I brought for about $7 at my local supermarket, can also be bought at most $2 shops.

I have also uploaded a picture of my face for my performance because I did the hair a bit different. So I looked more like a ragdoll I made a wig, the hair is made out of yellow wool which I made in to plaits and then I attached them to a spotty shower cap. This gives your rag-doll a sort of ‘miss muffet’ look if you prefer to look a little more authentic.

My makeup was all done myself. I went off pictures I had seen on the Internet and just sort of improvised. I used professional clown make up for my face and the rest is just done with cheap face-paint. I used tiny little paintbrushes to apply it because it’s the little details that make the face look so good.

It takes a lot of time but if you are willing to put the work in, you will be happy! I used Katy Perry fake eyelashes which are a bit pricey but so worth it.

My makeup stayed on all night with a light hairspray on the front. My hair mostly stayed in a fret a good tease and a big dose of hairspray.

I hope you enjoyed Halloween as much as I did and I hope this helps you on your search to find your perfect outfit!

Easy Homemade Rag-Doll Costume

Easy Homemade Rag-Doll Costume

Easy Homemade Rag-Doll Costume

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