Every year I wrack my brain, books, and the internet for unique costume ideas. I have two requirements: I should not be recognizable, and I can’t be something or someone that others might choose. So this year, I took one of those lovely little on-line quizzes- 10 simple questions to answer and then it would be revealed to me how I died in my past life. Prior to taking the quiz I decided that however I died previously will be my costume for this year’s Halloween. At the end of the quiz, I learned that I froze tragically on the Titanic. And so began my history lesson and the crafting of my costume.

I scoured three different Goodwill stores in search of a jacket and long skirt that could be forced to match and give a period vibe to them. The last store I hit had a velvet jacket with a sequined collar, a long skirt that had the perfect fit and flare with velvet trim, and a black vintage purse- all a match to the tune of $14. I pulled the outfit together with opaque black tights, knee high lace-up boots, lace glovelettes and a cocktail ring I already had in my wardrobe. At my local craft store I purchased black letter stickers and a Styrofoam wreath for $8 to make my lifebuoy and researched historical pictures for exactly what it should say.

The wig was a purchase at a Halloween shop for around $14. It was designated a flapper style wig, but I removed the feathered headband and styled the hair more to fit the look I was going for. I added hair accessories I already owned. I knew that the biggest part of my costume would be the frozen look, since that is according to an on-line quiz exactly how I died in my past life (and who doesn’t believe everything they read on the internet?)! I found a frostbite makeup kit for $7 and took my time layering white with black and blue and more white on my face, neck, chest and hands (save the hands for last).

Using glue and special makeup from the kit, I crafted the frosty dead look I was going for on my face and added frost and paint to my wig as well. I had a close neighbor introduce themselves to me as if we had never met (requirement #1 met! as underneath the black curly wig is long locks of red). And among a sea of Khaleesis, Dothrackis, and zombies requirement #2 was met, as no one else had chosen my costume. It was so much fun to bring it all together and even more fun to require a martini in a crystal martini glass to complete my character’s look- cheers!

Thanks, Jen.