Last-Minute Beanie Babies Couple Costume (for “Poor” College Students…:-)

As poor college students, we obviously couldn’t afford a to buy any sexy fancy costumes so we decided to be cheap and just make something up. I originally didn’t even know what beanies babies were until my best friend mentioned it. I think she saw it online somewhere and it seemed easy enough so we tried! We had a blast!

Our clothing is what we already had in our closet (black dress, white ruffly bandue). I bought a little kid polka dot skirt (puppy) for less than $15 and it came with polka dot headband and hair ties from Target.

My friend bought a lion tail and ears. Then we made folded hearts with the “TY” logo on it, which was super easy and we had our name written on the inside. Mine was Dalm-Asian. I don’t remember hers.

The tag is what really made our outfits.