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Last Second Prego Nun Costume

I had told my husband that everybody at my work was going to be disappointed that I wasn’t dressing up as something Fun for Halloween this year.  I just hadn’t had time to come up with anythng Fun because we had been to busy dealing with other issues.  I got up the next moring and had to make a dip for work and gather a few other Halloween things to take to work beings I am the one that throws the Halloween party at work each year!  I was in the bathroom and had my hair up in pigtails and had plans on just wearing  footed pajamas and my hair in pigtails and going as a pajama girl when I suddenly had a great thought!!!!!  I could go as a pregnant NUN!!!  Simple easy to put together costume!  It took me all of about 5 minutes to get everything together as I already had a nun costume and knew exactly what to use as a belly!  It was perfect and everybody loved it and totally didn’t expect anything less out of me for Halloween!  I was so glad I changed my mind at the last second!  Happy Halloween!!!

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