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Last Minute Skeleton Gang Group Costume

Our friends were in town and we got invited to a last minute Halloween party, which meant last minute Halloween costumes.

We thought, “why not a sleek skeleton gang dressed in black and white with painted faces?”

The guys wore all black, two wore skeleton suspenders that we had from our day of the dead costumes the year before, and we painted their faces like skeletons with basic black and white makeup and baby powder. YES BABY POWDER, it helps the makeup stay on longer and keeps it white!

Two of us girls wore skeleton leggings (again we had them from the year before and they had only cost about 10.00 each) and we broke skeleton hands off of our Halloween decorations and sewed them onto black bras. We did our makeup black and white in replication of sugar skulls and pinned black flowers in our hair. The other girl wore a white dress and black heels and did her makeup the same.

A simple, quick, and cool group costume.

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