Last Minute Homemade Iron Man Costume

This started because I wanted to be Iron Man for my birthday party/ costume party. I purchased an Iron Man costume online and it was so cheap looking I could not bear to wear that to my party especially because it was MY birthday and I would be the center of attention. I had to dress to impress.

My uncle makes excellent piñatas and is very creative so I got the idea to ask him to help me make the costume 2 weeks prior to the party. My uncle did most of the designing but I directed with the specific details. It was done with trial and error in the beginning with getting the correct size ratio – LOL – the first helmet he made was kid-size.

The pieces were cut with his Cricut machine out of cardboard and the use of special software. Then he traced the pieces onto foam and cut them out. Then pieces were adhered together to make 17 larger pieces. My uncle painted the suit as well.

Together we figured out the arc reactor and the lights for Iron Man’s hands. Underneath we decided I was going to wear a black spandex suit so that my skin did not react to the foam. The day of the party it took about 1-2 hours to Velcro all of the pieces together. When I made my appearance everybody loved it especially because I was acting the party. The funniest part of the whole night was that I could not see a thing so I ended up bumping into many people.

*PS he made a batman costume for my cousin as well :-)

Last Minute Homemade Iron Man Costume