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One of the Coolest DIY Kid Costume Ideas – Dice Costume

This is so easy and perfect for twins or best friends! I found lots of kid costume ideas from searching on the web and finally decided to do the dice! You will need about six yards (more or less can’t remember how much it actually was) of fuzzy material of your choice of color (though red and black is more traditional), about two yards of stiff felt or similar material (even a plain white vinyl table cloth with fleece backing) for dots, scissors, plastic lid or bowl for tracing dots, hot glue and gun duck tape, two boxes that are perfectly square and identical to each other in size.

Reinforce boxes with the tape to make more sturdy (optional) then measure and cut your arm and head holes at appropriate sizes and location. Upholster the boxes by cutting a scare piece for the top a few inches bigger all the way around. Then glue in place. Don’t worry about covering the holes you have made, you will open them up later. Then measure the side of the box from bottom to top and take that length to make enough to wrap fabric along side of box until you reach the corner that you started from. Make sure that you allow a few extra inches to this width because the top and end that meets the corner will be folded so that the excess gets tucked under and glued so that you have a beautifully perfect seam all along the top and side edges. The excess fabric hanging down at the bottom edge can be folded inside the box and glued there.

Then back to the head and arm holes. With each hole find the center of the hole and pierce fabric. Then cut like a pizza to make lots of triangles until you reach the end of the hole (the edge of the cardboard). There should be lots of triangles dangling. Glue each of the triangles with one dot of glue and fold inward and glue to the inside of the box. Repeat until every triangle on every hole is glued down. Cut out desired number of round dots for your “numbers”. Dig out a dice from a board game as a reference to the dot’s pattern and placement on the dice. I placed it so that the sides with the most dots were showing.

Dice are six sided but two sides will not be used because of the bottom and the top. You can get a white hat to wear on your head to represent the number “one” dot. Repeat with dice #2. Try to make the second dice with a different number pattern in the front so that the two dice look as if they are on a different number (its looks more interesting that way). You can also buy matching shirts and leotards to make the costume more complete.

Hope you like my kids costume ideas!

Total Spent on these kid costume ideas: $10

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