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Easy Pair of Fuzzy Dice Couple Costume

This was my first office costume contest entry and subsequent winner!  My best friend and I were looking for something we could do together that wouldn’t cost a lot or take us much time to make.  A pair of Fuzzy Dice was it initially, but I thought it would add a little something extra if we made it “A Pair of Fuzzy Dice Hanging from the Rear View Mirror”, so that’s what  we went with.

Two giant supply boxes “procured” from work, some fuzzy material from Joannes, white felt for circles, self stick Velcro and VIOLA …Big Blue Dice awaiting arm holes!  The mirror took a little more ingenuity, some multi colored shimmer material, a long rectangle piece of heavy cardboard, Black Duct tape and a PVC pipe to attach it to, oh and the special touch (while not entirely accurate, it was an identifying element, “Objects may appear closer than they actually are”.  Those words on the Mirror clearly established what it was and what we where!

We came second to a witch that year.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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