This is my Halloween Katy Perry California Gurls costume. It is completely homemade and definitely my proudest work yet! Like so many others, Katy is one of my favorite artists and super inspiring to me, so I wanted to pay tribute to her excellence!

The hardest part about creating this costume was definitely figuring out how to make the cupcakes. My original thought was to find fake stuffed ones or a kids’ toy version, but that was much more difficult than I thought. I could hardly find any, and the ones I found were too small. So, my solution was fake cake frosting From Toys R Us!

I swirled the fake frosting around an old bathing suit top that I first painted. I put the cherry and sprinkles on it before the frosting hardened. Next, I painted an old pair of shorts with blue glitter paint and I was done!

I am very proud of my work. :)