For my company, each department picks a theme and decorates their cubicles and themselves accordingly. We went with Jurassic World, which featured a throwback to the classic Jurassic Park jeep. So I signed up to be the jeep while vaguely dressing like Dr. Ellie Sattler.

Costume Winner!

I ended up winning the company’s contest for most unique costume with the jeep made out of cardboard boxes, cellophane, spray paint, and actual side door mirrors. The wheel shape was provided by pool noodles.

The front grill is actually an A/C filter that I spray painted. (Honestly still my favorite part!)

The car horn was a squeaky toy from my dog…it wasn’t missed by anyone. The car front lights are battery operated tea lights that flickered. Plus I carried a clear cup of water ;-) And of course I had a sun roof!

Oh and the seat belts were made from a strong ribbon…turns out they don’t sell seat belt material for safety reasons.

Reactions to my Homemade Costume

My roommates thought I was crazy, but within 2 nights of work (and several pre-hours planning and shopping) I had one of my best costumes.

Then I got to meet Jeff Goldblum at one of his jazz nights in LA. Can you tell I was excited?!