Jake and Elwood Blues Brothers Costumes

My brother is tall and skinny. His friend is short and bigger. They realized the best costume was clearly the Blues Brothers.

They both were in a band in middle school (they were high school freshmen at the time), and luckily, neither had a huge growth spurt over the summer, so they both used their white button down shirts, black pants, and black shoes they had to wear for concerts.

My brother used one of our other brother’s suit jackets from when he was younger, and Danny (his friend) used one of his dad’s.

All we had to buy were the hats, glasses, and ties, which we found on Amazon and Danny found at the party store. The entire costume ended up costing us less than $10.

To top it all off, while they were trick or treating, my brother had his phone playing music from the movie. Everyone they saw loved it!

Jake and Elwood Blues Brothers Costumes