Hunger Games Family Costumes

Every year our family votes on a theme and this year it was The Hunger Games! We decided who would play which character and then I went thrift store shopping for the foundation of each costume. From there, I found items at craft stores to complete the looks. I used dye on Peeta’s pants and attempted to dye Effie’s dress which worked for the base but not for the lace so I hand painted the lace using a flexible acrylic paint.

Turned out how I hoped! I found the purple flowers at a thrift store and detached them to make the piece in Effie’s wig (white wig that I used purple hairspray to tint). Caesar’s jacket was a combination of tulle that I glued on and sparkle tempora paint for the sleeves. If I had found the paint first, I would have just used that as it was a much easier process.

Things I learned with this: there are so many paint options that work awesome on clothing and colored hair spray also can create some great effects on clothing.

Overall, this was a really fun theme to do and we got a lot of reactions walking down the street, especially to Effie’s costume. People loved it! Which makes me happy!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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