We came up with the idea when we were searching Disney Original movies.

The costume was actually really cheap and easy to make and it recieved LOTS of compliments! We got both the leggings and top off of Forever21.com for $6 total. The super shiny skirt was found on Ebay for $10. The vest was the main part of the costume and we struggled for awhile on how we would do it.

Eventually we decided to buy jean shirts at Goodwill, cut the sleeves off and use it as a template. We bought duct tape and just covered the entire shirt.

We added extra pointy things on the sleeves and a big collar to make it look extra futuristic.

We added the Z and N on our backs to help people recognize what we were

. Add some silver sparkly make up and pig tails and the look was complete! It was so unique that some people didn’t know what we were but the people who did got very excited about it!