I am wearing my costume. I got the idea from the movie Tron. I wanted a full body suit and lights that actually light up like the ones in the movie Tron for my costume.

I used four 30 foot battery operated neon blue LED lights, a Nerf gun, a bodysuit, a corset, white spray paint, white regular paint, lots of hot glue sticks, wire hangers and foam floor tiles. I started by pinning one rope of lights onto the corset in the front, then hot glued it into place slowly working my way around in a cool futuristic pattern.

I then carved and painted the foam shoulder bands from the foam floor tiles, hot glued on another rope of lights in a nice pattern, put wire hangers onto the ends and stuck the hangars into the front and back of the corset securely. I took an old Nerf gun and spray painted it flat white, then hot glued the 3rd set of lights on to the gun in a sci-fi pattern. I also spray painted some old comfortable shoes white to match the costume.

I wrapped the last light rope around my waist and safety-pinning it to the bottom of my corset, wrapped it around my legs and hot glued it onto the pants on the inside seam of each leg. Each light strand took two AA batteries. I securely tucked each battery pack into my costume and hot glued the one onto the gun securely so I could use it freely with the white bullet discs. I used white and light blue makeup for my face and liquid eyeliner to do the drawings. I won best female costume in our town’s costume contest. I got amazing compliments on my costume and everyone could not believe that I actually made it all by hand.