Homemade White Rabbit Costume

One of my costumes this year was The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I bought a makeup pallet from Party City and painted my face.

The colors I used: pink black, and white. A better makeup to use next time would be Mehron costume makeup; the consistency is better and wont fade through the night.

I bought bunny ears, a fluffy tail, top hat, furry white gloves, and older styled pants from the thrift store. I had a white button up shirt, tie, vest, watch and shoes already in my possession.

I cut holes in the top of my hat and placed the bunny ears inside of the holes. I used a safety pin to pin the fluffly tail to the but of my pants. I attached the watch to my pants using a chain.

I cut the fluffy white gloves in half and tucked them into my shoes. I used the other white gloves for my hands. Since I felt that the makeup wouldn’t last long, I wore my hair down.

Homemade White Rabbit Costume

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