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Homemade Vintage Vampires Costumes

We went through a Vampires are sexy term. So I bought a beautiful velvet dress that had red flowers and silver sparkle lines on it with a hood from Goodwill. Christian bought a felt top hat from Hot topic. Then we went crazy! White contacts made our eyes seem pale baby blue with black specks (a local store sells contacts, no prescription, YAY, probably not cool for longer than one night, and Christian was such a pain to get them into).

We purchased fangs from Easleys, (they were super easy to apply). Made our skin white with Ben Nye, used blue and red lip and eyeliners to draw veins. I bought some beautiful jewelry sets from India on eBay (forehead jewelry, necklace, earrings) and we had Christian in a vintage inspired suit (we made the ruffles at throat and wrists with handkerchiefs and safety pins). We carried a HUGE umbrella around and opened it when we went outside.

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