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Homemade Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I loved Back to the Future, so we decided we wanted a Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker couple costume, but we did not own anything that worked. We set off to thrift stores and found 100% of our clothes in the three stores we went to. The vest was essential and was the first thing he found at Goodwill, we lucked out. The jean jacket was a woman’s jacket with embroidery but we used a seam ripper to take it off and then it was perfect. 80’s jeans, white stripped button down, and red undershirt all at Out of the Closet.

Jennifer’s entire wardrobe was from Out of the Closet, and I had 10 minutes before they closed and 2 days before the Halloween party. The pink pants were a find! The hair was the hardest part, I have light blonde hair and I used a leave in wash out dye that took a long time to set and used big rollers to get the 80’s look.

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