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Homemade Living Statues Couple Costume

Halloween is my favorite time of the year.  Normally I create individual costumes for myself, but this year I wanted to do a couples costume.  I was inspired during a recent trip to Las Vegas and was in awe over the street performers doing living statues.  I thought this would be a perfect opportunity  but a little twist on the living statue…what if a statue came to life and would kill other statues?

First, I had to find a willing partner who would be my statue corpse. The costumes were fairly easy to put together, after a quick stop to the local thrift store to purchase the outfits, I spray painted them with a base coat of gray.  Once the grey base coat was dry I used a dry brush and added black and white to the outfits to give them texture (I could have used the stone texture spray paint but it was cheaper to do it myself).  I use tradition face paint for my face and hands.  Using the same technique as the clothes, I started with a base of grey, adding touches of black and white to simulate the same look on the clothes.

We had a great time with the costume and even made $1.55 in tips.


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