Me and my boyfriend decided to skip the over -priced store-bought costumes and instead made some using things we already owned !  (minus the face paint and fake blood).

For my boyfriend I started by applying a base of green face paint all over his chest and face.  I wanted his skin to look like it was rotting so I added several colors of eye shadow for a better effect! Next up, every zombie needs some type of wound! So I  made some gun shots on him as well.  I used about half an inch of glue stick for every wound, rolled it into a little ball and chose a place for it. With a paint brush, I smoothed it out on the edges and blended it into the skin.With the opposite side, I dug out a little crater. After I covered it up with foundation and red lipstick inside the crater. Now all you need to do is add fake blood….EVERYWHERE ! Have fun with it !!

And for my self, I just put together a mime outfit ( B&W stripped tee, black tights, gloves and a red hat) then added some face paint (details on my face done with black liquid eye liner) ! Voila !