I got the idea for my husband to be a lion while going through his military desert camouflage long underwear and matching shirt and gloves.  He also had desert boots, which I taped “claws” onto, and also on the gloves.  I used just the hood and tail of a children’s lion costume.  I painted my husband’s face while watching a demo on YouTube.

My lion tamer’s costume was totally homemade!  I cut a red blazer into long tails, and put black duct tape along the hem.  I used cardboard for the shoulder boards, and bow tie, and covered them with fabric from a shiny gold shirt. My cummerbund is also made from the gold fabric. My black top hat is made from black poster board with a red duct tape band around it.  I used red duct tape down each outer seam of the black pants, and wore black boots.  Added fake eyebrows and mustache.  I covered a small hoola hoop with black duct tape for the large ring.

This costume was so fun to put together!