This lion tamer costume was inspired by our dog who needed to be groomed. She is a goldendoodle and had very long hair.  It was close to Halloween and we thought it would be a great idea to shave her like a lion.  We have a two year old son who absolutely adores his dog.  We thought it would be simple to make him the lion tamer!

Lion Tamer Costume Instructions

  • We took a tailed tuxedo and went to hobby lobby.
  • Cording was purchased and then cut .
  • Fabric glue was then used to glue the cording on the shoulders.
  • Blue start buttons and red round buttons were glued on as well.
  • Red tape was then used to create a stripe down each pant leg.
  • The hat is made of foam and buttons and tape were applied to it also.
  • A piece of jute rope was then fastened to a wooden dowel with red tape.
  • The dog was shaved like a lion.

We originally thought the hardest part of the costume would be for our son to keep his hat on.  At two years old, you basically take a gamble.  Once he got into the costume and saw Sophie though, he loved every minute of it.  It was hard to take his costume off that evening.

We love our dog, but she did look more like a lion from the side.  We laugh because my mother said she looked more like a llama from the front.  Sophie didn’t care though.  She got a lot of attention and loved every minute of it.

The reaction we got from the costume was priceless.  Sophie (our dog) went to every door to trick-or-treat with Hudson.  Everyone loved their costumes and knew immediately what they were.  They even had fun in the front yard and created quite the show running around.

Our two year old has dressed up with our dog every year, however, this year was the most rewarding due to the response we received from friends, family, and Facebook.