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Coolest Lion Tamer Ringmaster Costume

The year I wore this Homemade Lion Tamer Ringmaster Costume from Britney Spear’s song “Circus”. It was popular and I really loved the costumes in the video. This costume, made mostly from thrift store finds and eBay items.

Items needed:
Top Hat – From Savers Thrift Store
Vest or Jacket with Tails – From local thrift store
Bustier – From eBay
Black Pants – Thrift Store
Stuffed Lion – Thrift Store
Embellishments such as sequins, jewels, tassels, diamons, etc… – from craft store – I bought mine at a fabric overstock that sells by the pound.
Ringmaster stick – dollar store
Lion Stuffed Toy for the Purse – Thrift Store

I bought everything and embellished it with the items you see in the photo to give it some contrast. The hardest part was making the lion purse, which wasn’t terrible. I bought an old lion toy at a thrift store and open the seam on the back and removed the stuffing. I then inserted a liner with some fabric I had around the house to make a little pocket inside for my cash and things while out. I added a zipper, which was really hard, but would recommend some other type of closure to keep things simple. A button or velcro would work just fine I think. I then sewed a strap onto the back and tied the other end around his neck like a leash.

Voila! You’re a lion tamer!

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