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Homemade Costume from Breaking Bad – Heisenberg is REAL!

We are die-hard “Breaking Bad” fans, so naturally- this is the result of that obsession. Did my husband’s costume and make up this year (got the hat and shirt at some local thrift stores. Came out quite awesome and the reactions of friends and family were great.

I had a good time at a karaoke/ Halloween party  (also posted to our Facebook pages).  Kinda creeps me out ‘though…  having to sit next to him when he looks at me like this. You know… it’s always the “Quiet Ones” who have that unexpected tendency towards living a secret life.  Who knows what  imagined plans are swimming around in that head?

If I disappear from view, I’ve either been caught doing something which greatly displeased “Mr. White”- or I’m happily spending lots of “found” money and indulging every whim I’ve ever had. Perhaps I have a few strange thoughts in my own head, eh?

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