I love Breaking Bad, it is probably one of the best if not the best show out there right now.  This is why I knew this year I had to be Walt White, the main character on the show, and what better way to be him then where the outfit he wears as a Meth cooker.

First go to your local hardware store, anywhere they sell paint and accessories.  That’s where I got the painters outfit.  They usually only have them in clear or white so pick up a can of yellow spray paint.  Make sure the paint is all purpose otherwise it will peel.  While you are there get a painters mask, something with vents on the side, it makes a difference in the overall look and feel.

The next thing is rubber boots, get gloves to if your gonna be wearing the mask over your face, but I prefer on the top of your head like Walt does when he’s taking a beer break, a lot easier to breath and drink.

Now grow a full goatie, and if your cant just pencil in to thicken.  You can where a bald cap but if you really wanna look the part, shave your head, it will grow back.  You also need glassed wire framed and if you don’t need glasses just punch out the lenses.

Finally your going to be a meth cook so you need meth.  “Blue Sky” is what Walt makes is just a clear blue color.  I found that if you get blue hard jolly ranchers and smash them up it looks exactly like the show.

This was a very easy and fun costume to put together, I won the best overall costume at a pretty big party, it put $100 in my pocket.