For this Breaking Bad costume, a friend and I took on the personas of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from the popular series,Breaking Bad. We really couldn’t find a sexy version of this costume so we decided to create one on our own.

We each ordered real yellow hazmat suits off Amazon ($12).  I have included a picture of what they originally looked like, as you can see they were absolutely massive!  We cut off the bottoms to make them into dresses, however the authentic hazmat suits would work too!!  We bought blue pop rocks and rock candy from Itzaparty to look like the meth (this really made the costume).  I would suggest more rock candy than poprocks.

We chose to wear standard blue latex gloves. We got goggles at AC Moore, however full out gas masks will better complete the outfit! To top it off we wore over the knee socks, black combat boots, and black crop tops underneath!