Coolest Breaking Bad Costume

This Breaking Bad costume is the result of a Halloween fancy dress party that was sprung on me with ONLY a week to spare. I’ve got a reputation for showing up in decent costumes, so I didn’t want to get an “over the counter” one that wouldn’t live up to past efforts.

I started by visiting this site to get some ideas. Having just watched Breaking Bad, I was keen on doing something from this category. I noticed that everyone else was doing “Walter White”, but no one had done a Gus Fring costume. My favorite scene from the whole Breaking Bad saga, was when Walter used hector to blow up his nemesis/boss “Gus Fring”. During the explosion, only one side of Gus was hit, so half his face was perfect, but the other side was mostly missing, including his right eye. This was the look I wanted!

I watched a few videos online of people using liquid latex to put graphic scarring on their faces. I decided that I would give it a go. I feel I should point out that anyone that’s never had liquid latex on should apply a little to their wrist to make sure they’re not allergic to it before putting it on their face/body. It took me three attempts at it before I was happy with the shape and depth of the scarring. I used ripped paper towels soaked in liquid latex to create all the grooves, lumps and bumps on my face. I used one of my wife’s cotton make up pads to do the hole where my eyeball should be. I painted it black with Snazzeroo face paint, before attaching it using the liquid latex. I used red, black, purple and brown snazzeroo face-paint to color my scarring, and a little white for the teeth showing through the side of my face. I also used light brown Snazzeroo make up to color the other side of my face and hands, as I am a white male, and Gus Fring is African -American

For the outfit, all I needed was a navy blue suit, navy blue and purple tie and black shirt. I was working with a tight budget, so I decided to visit some charity shops to find the suit and tie. I managed to find the perfect looking suit and tie, but the suit jacket was a little looser fitting than I’d hoped. I fixed this issue by moving the buttons five inches across the front. The suit now fitted me the way I’d hoped it would. All I needed to do was cut and glue back little flaps on the right shoulder. I used fake blood to color the flaps, which looked great at first, but not so great when the blood dried. I then tried red food dye which I had in the kitchen. This created a very good blood color. I already had a black shirt, so that was a little bonus as far as my wallet/wife was concerned.

At the party, there was a lot of really good costumes, but mine’s definitely had the most people talking. Although there was no awards for the best costume, I was the one that the DJ kept mentioning ( he was obviously a big Breaking Bad fan too). I’ve been told by a lot of friends that I’m doing their Halloween make up next year.

Coolest Breaking Bad Costume

Coolest Breaking Bad Costume

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