This was my Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume for 2010. Buzz Lightyear was something I always wanted to do, but didn’t know how I would do it. I was working at a paint store and I grabbed a one piece painters cover-all, and realized it would be perfect for the space suit. Buying more foam core to construct with, I built a large chest piece, and the wings.

Using and industrial coating I painted the chest piece and it hardened into an indestructible plastic. Using a lot of duct tape for the waist, elbow joints, and knee joints, I kept great mobility in the suit. I found purple fabric and hand sewed a hood, and drew all of the detailed wing pieces, and logos onto card stock. I cut out and rubber cemented those to the foam core. The wings I made a little smaller then the would normally be in order to allow me to get through door ways, and sit down comfortably.

Total cost of this costume-35$

This costume won me a 100$ gift card to best buy.