Hello, may name is Tucker. For the last three years I have made my own costumes. It was cheaper and I get to be creative. My specialty is duct tape and cardboard. This Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume took me a little over a week to make. Well worth it!

The hardest part on this costume was making his helmet. I didn’t know what to do so I started looking everywhere for ideas. Finally I found two bowls that had good shape and I just taped one to the bowl and talent the other one just sit there freely. It took me over eight rolls off assorted colors of duct tape.

My favorite part about the costume was when I went trick-or-treating with my friends and their kids (yes, I am 24 and I still go trick-or-treating) is that I got chased by kids screaming Buzz Buzz Buzz… I even had a few parents ask if their kids could take a picture with me.

I did join a couple costume contests, I got second because the bars I went to let the crowd decide the winner and of course they went with the girls with the store bought costumes. (I’m sure you saw that coming) although everyone in the bar wanted to take pictures with me, what isn’t that the point of making your own costume for the laughs and the compliments.
Like I said the last three years I have made my own costumes and every year I try to better myself honestly after this costume I have a huge challenge this year…