I always thought I could make this idea for a man with a tiny head work and I finally gave it a try this Halloween. I have never gotten such a fantastic response to a costume I have made. I made a small false eyes and nose from Sculpy and baked it in my oven. When it was hard I used putty to place the prosthetic into my nose where it stayed snuggly all night.

The rest is face paint and a curly wig. I used dark glasses under the wig to hide my eyes. The effect was shocking. When I spoke no one could believe how realistic it looked. I spent most of my night posing for pictures and making people laugh. It was a comfortable costume with a few drawbacks. The dark glasses made it a little hard to see with the wig hanging down and it was a little hard to breathe with the prosthetic in my nose. I also needed a straw to drink. I hope you enjoy the pics and video.