Happy Huge Halloween. I mean, honestly, I look Fantastic! I’m g-o-i-n-g to be President. How? I’ll just do it. It’ll be great! I make a lot of money.

I came up with this idea because I love watching Donald! I mean, he is hilarious, I watch all the debates, Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Mr. Trump is hysterical and the list goes on of why I wanted to be Donald.

Zara Blue Jacket, White button up from Zara, a Tie from Value Village, Wig from a costume store.

I made a presidential campaign sign out of cardboard, and painted Trump on the front! I also have a red hat that I stapled a slogan on the top “Make American Great Again”

I dressed up for a work Halloween party, and I won first prize. 2 Tickets to watch the Vancouver Canucks! Yay! I walked around telling everyone they looked fantastic, and used huge in everything I said today!
Thanks for the contest!