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Awesome Mexican Wall Costume With Señor Trump Sign

When deciding what costume to wear this year, my son wanted to find something topical and instantly recognizable. He was inspired by current President Donald Trump and immediately thought of a Mexican Wall costume.

My son keeps up with politics and came across an online meme of the Mexican Wall.  We knew this was the idea to take our Mexican Wall costume to the next level.

As with any costume, we wanted to make sure everyone understood what the costume was without having to ask. For that task, we recruited our daughter!

Building the Mexican Wall Costume

After searching a few art supply stores, we happily found poster board with a brick wall design. The only problem was that it was very flimsy. Rather than risk it getting ruined, we wanted to give it a little more structure.

My daughter was able to find a large piece of cardboard so she glued it to the back of the poster board. After letting it dry overnight, she then punched holes for string. We did some very official quality assurance testing in order to make sure the string the would hold up well.

For the accessories, we looked through the house to find authentic looking pieces. We had a sombrero lying around (obviously). We also found a striped poncho-like shirt which seemed to work.

My daughter used her artistic abilities to draw on a mustache using black face paint.

The piece de resistance was the Senor Trump sign. After choosing fonts and sizes, we were ready to print.

The cost was extremely minimal, as we had most items at home. Cobbling it together was also a fun, collaborative family activity.

The response from the crowd was phenomenal! All our friends thought it was hilarious and my son really enjoyed his Mexican Wall costume.

It was cheap, easy and hilarious. I definitely recommend making for your child or yourself!

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