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Coolest Homemade Weatherman Costume

What’s Needed: – Rain Jacket and Pants ($12) (I used my ski pants) – Sculpting wire ($20 – Arts and crafts store) – Duct Tape – A microphone (I used a screw driver and made a paper box) – Sticker Printing paper ($3 cut and paste the weather channel logo and stick them on your jacket pants microphone baseball cap) – Baseball cap – Protective Goggles – some general trash newspaper leaves etc.

The key to the outfit is to create the illusion of wind. Make the windward side of the outfit tight and the leeward side of the outfit flare by duct taping wire which is like a tight chicken wire inside the jacket and pants.

Exaggerate the flare on the bottom of the pants and jacket since there is more fabric to create the illusion. Also tape or staple newspaper leaves to the outfit to help with the wind illusion.

Can you imagine what a Halloween costume picture I took and although it wasn’t the most comfortable I got a lot of compliments.

Total Spent: $35

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