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Coolest Recycled Newspaper Costume

About one month before Halloween my little sister presented me with a challenge. She wanted a dress made from newspaper. I immediately fell in love with the idea and began brain storming ideas for the design. My actual design is different from my finished product (I do that a lot). It was actually a lot easier than I expected besides the fact that my model wouldn’t stand still!

I started with the base layer that covered the top to bottom of how long the dress was going to be. She (my little sister) began to fret it would be too fragile so I took a whole stack and laid that as the next layer. I finished it by fan folding newspaper to create the skirt and adding a belt and bow for detail.

I used only duct tape staples and of course newspaper to create the finished product in only two days! I’d say the hardest part was keeping my model still. This dress over all was really easy to create you just have to have your vision in mind and the patience to work with this new material.

Recycled Newspaper Costume

Recycled Newspaper Costume

Recycled Newspaper Costume

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