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Coolest Newspaper Dress Costume

For my Coolest Newspaper Dress Costume, I went with someone who dressed as a journalist. I made the base out of carboard boxes (mostly old cereal ones) using masking tape and staples. Then I attached parts of my local newspaper using sellotape and staples. The cardboard parts that were the back of the dress were not attached so I asked a friend to do it up with duct tape. I wanted my dress to flow out so I had extra layers of newspaper at the bottom of the dress.

For accessories, using cellotape again I attached small pieces of newspaper to my shoes and my bag. This probably took me 5 hours to make but I was pleased with what I had done. If anyone tries to make this dress I would suggest a less strong material like paper for the end of the dress as it was hard to sit down in (but not impossible). Hope you like it!

Coolest Newspaper Dress Costume

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