This Sarea Moko, The Wind Exorcist, is an original character I came up with and decided to bring to life. Sarea Moko is the last of her clan on a mission to bring vengeance on those who wronged her. She is a fun design bringing elements of post apocalyptic and of the orient.

She took me four weeks to make as I struggled to figure out what would make her stand out. The scarf jacket vest was the finally piece to bring it all together. Everything was made by me. My favorite piece was the wig as I styled it and added the beads. I wanted Sarea to have a priestess look to her but also a tough look too. For she isn’t a delicate flower as she walks across the land fighting and making a name for herself. Sarea is like me as I try to make a name for myself with my designs and ideas. She helped ignite my passion for designing costumes and get me on the path I’m on now.

I hope you enjoy her!